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Visible veins and other signs of aging on the facial skin are usually harmless and more likely viewed as a cosmetic issue. The small thread veins, or facial spider vein, that you see on the skin are usually a result of broken blood vessels on the face. Fortunately, these unwanted veins are easily treatable and one procedure that is effective at removing them is laser vein removal.

So how exactly does a laser spider vein treatment work? A laser spider vein removal is a simple and minimally invasive procedure that involves directing laser energy on the affected vein. It diminishes the spider vein on the face by using heat to close and shrink the damaged veins. The procedure also helps improves circulation by redirecting blood flow to healthy veins. 

Laser Therapy For Visible Facial Vein Treatment 

Our veins contain a one-way valve that is responsible for ensuring that blood flows from the organs to the heart. When these valves malfunction or become damaged, the blood can go backwards or pool inside the veins which can lead to potential rupturing of the blood vessels and cause blood to leak to the skin's surface. 

This leads to the formation of a vascular lesion like reticular veins, varicose veins, and spider veins. While they’re usually only a cosmetic concern, facial spider veins or telangiectasia may sometimes be a symptom of underlying skin conditions like port wine stain or rosacea.

There’s no harm in visiting a dermatologist to have your facial veins examined. They can present an accurate diagnosis and help pinpoint the cause of your vein problem. Likewise, they will recommend the right course of treatment for the removal of the visible vein. And when it comes to facial spider veins, laser vein treatment is usually one of the preferred procedures.

1. What Is Laser Therapy?

Laser treatment is an innovative cosmetic procedure and noninvasive approach for vein removal that uses laser light energy. This works by focusing a beam of light on the targeted vein, sending heat to the broken blood vessel and causing a scar tissue to form so that they will seal close.

This procedure cuts off the blood flow to the damaged vein and reroutes them to healthier veins. With no blood supply, the sealed veins will eventually die and they will get absorbed by the body. Over time, the spider veins will improve their appearance and your face will restore its vein-free look.

2. What Kinds Of Laser Can Be Used For Visible Facial Veins?

There are several kinds of lasers that can be used for the treatment of spider veins. The common lasers used for facial veins are pulsed dye laser, intense pulsed light, and YAG laser.

Pulsed dye laser is a non-ablative type of laser that works by heating the targeted vein without harming the surrounding tissue. It uses yellow light which is safe for skin treatments and can help reduce redness, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and broken facial capillaries. It is also said that yellow light can promote collagen production to rebuild damaged skin.

BeforeIntense pulsed light (IPL) helps correct obvious signs of sun damage, acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and broken blood vessels on the skin. Unlike laser that sends a focused beam of light, IPL transmits a wide spectrum of light energy with multiple wavelengths. It does, however, penetrates the skin and treats affected veins in the same way that laser treatment does.

YAG lasers can treat spider veins by sending light energy directly to the damaged vein. It doesn’t do any damage to the nearby tissues or blood vessels. They can also be used to treat mild to moderate wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. This laser is also preferred for patients who have a darker skin type. 

3. How Do You Prepare For Laser Treatment? 

Finding an experienced and skilled surgeon is important to ensure the safety and success of the treatment. Before they clear you for the laser procedure, they will first determine if you are a good candidate. Generally, people with facial spider veins and small varicose veins are qualified for laser treatment. If you have larger veins, you may be asked to explore other options for vein removal.

Prior to your laser appointment, you will be advised to stop taking any blood thinner medications to avoid serious bruising and bleeding. Keep the treatment area clean and free from skin creams, lotions, or moisturizers. If you’re a smoker, you will need to stop for at least two weeks before the treatment.

4. What Happens During The Procedure?

Before starting the laser, you will be given goggles to protect the eyes from the laser beam. Your practitioner will apply numbing cream or cooling gel to minimize any discomfort during the procedure.  

The device will be placed against the skin over where the spider vein is. Once the treatment starts, you may feel burning or painful sensations as the device emits laser light to the skin. Since it’s nonsurgical, the whole laser procedure will take no longer than an hour.

5. What Should You Expect After The Vein Treatment?

Skin redness, swelling, bruising, bleeding, skin discoloration, and mild skin burns are common side effects of laser treatment. The application of cold or ice packs to the treated area may help relieve some of the tenderness and pain from the procedure. Most of the side effects are typically gone within a few days.

If you received treatment for leg vein, you may also be advised to wear compression stockings for several weeks. General aftercare reminders such as avoiding strenuous and high-intensity physical exercises, saunas, and tanning beds also apply for patients who received laser vein treatments.

Tiny spider veins may be reduced immediately after the treatment while larger spider veins may take several weeks to see improvement. You may also need more than one session of laser removal to see optimal results.

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Laser Vein Treatment Vs Sclerotherapy   

Another possible procedure for vein removal is sclerotherapy. This treatment involves injections of a liquid solution or sclerosing agent to close the damaged veins. When the chemical is injected, it works by irritating the blood vessel which causes them to form a tissue to shut the veins. The body will then absorb the closed veins to make the spider veins less visible.

One thing to note about sclerotherapy is that it is more efficient for reducing visible large veins and varicose veins. If you’re averse to laser beams or if you have a skin type that is not compatible with laser light, sclerotherapy can be the more optimal choice for vein removal. The injections may also be less painful than getting the laser treatment.  

When choosing between laser treatment and sclerotherapy, your dermatologist will take into consideration your current vein condition and skin type. Both procedures are effective and minimally invasive but if you’re aiming to get rid of spider veins on the face then laser treatment may be a better option.    

Ways You Can Prevent Facial Spider Veins

While laser treatment can efficiently eliminate unwanted spider veins, you may still develop new ones if you’re not careful. Here are some tips that can help prevent new spider veins on the face:  

  • If you’re going outside, remember to apply sunscreen to protect the face from UV ray damage.
  • Avoid using hot water when cleansing or washing your face. Use warm water and be gentle when massaging the face to avoid damaging or rupturing a blood vessel.  
  • Use skincare products that are rich in retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid to maintain skin health. You may also use Vitamin K creams since they may have some benefits for strengthening the walls of the veins.
  • Wear protective gears like helmets to protect against injuries that may cause a broken blood vessel.

Get Rid Of Facial Veins At Vein Center Doctor

Laser vein therapy is a tried-and-tested approach for safe and effective vein removal. When you decide to get laser treatment for facial veins, you must find a reputable vein clinic to guarantee optimal results with minimal risks.  

Vein Center Doctor is a premier clinic that specializes in holistic vein care and management. We provide vein treatments designed to relieve the appearance of varicose vein and spider vein, as well as treat any vein issues related to venous insufficiency. Call us and talk with a vein specialist today.