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Reclaim your confidence from unsightly veins and uncomfortable pains. The Vein Center Doctor is a full-service vein treatment facility for patients in New York and New Jersey. Our clinics offer outpatient vein treatment services that start from diagnosis and go all the way to aftercare. Our patients see high success results with our minimally-invasive and non-invasive procedures as we use the latest in vein and blood vessel treatment technology.

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The Vein Center Doctor: What We Treat

Spider Veins

Spider veins are the small clusters of purple, blue, or red veins typically found on the back of the legs, although they can appear anywhere on the body. Many contributing factors to blood vessel clots like prolonged sitting and standing, weight changes, aging, sun damage, hormonal changes, and genetics can result in unsightly spider veins. While these are predominantly a cosmetic concern of blood vessels, spider veins can prevent you from achieving a flawless appearance and can affect your self-confidence and self-image.

Varicose Veins

About 40 million people in the US suffer from varicose veins, which have a thick, rope-like appearance and bulge out of the skin, typically around the legs. Unlike spider veins which are mostly a cosmetic issue, varicose veins can cause or develop into serious health conditions if left untreated. To avoid infections, ulcers, broken blood vessels, and other medical conditions, you should have your varicose veins treated by experienced vein specialists.

Chronic Vein Insufficiency

Chronic vein insufficiency is an underlying health condition that typically causes patients to develop spider veins and varicose veins. Patients with CVI have blood vessels and valves that aren’t performing at its best, resulting in leaking valves that develop these vein issues. CVI can lead to serious complications and should be considered a cause for concern.

Leg Pain

Leg pain caused by venous insufficiency or other vein conditions can be debilitating and extend to other symptoms like swelling, cramping, and restless leg syndrome. In case of vein issues, your leg pain should be treated by a vein doctor immediately to ensure that more serious conditions like CVI don’t eventually develop and trigger more serious conditions like leg ulcers and infections.

Why You Need The Vein Center Doctor for Your Vein Treatment

Spider veins and varicose veins are typically treated for aesthetic purposes, but seeking treatment for vein issues may be necessary for your health and seeking proper treatment for your condition. These visible vein issues are there for a reason, and when left untreated these blood vessel clots can lead to chronic problems and may threaten your quality of life. These vascular and blood vessel conditions may lead to debilitating pain, additional symptoms to manage, and potentially major health diseases, including:

  • Irreversible Skin Damage
  • Skin Ulcers
  • Lipodermatosclerosis
  • Bleeding
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Chronic Pain and Cramping
  • Superficial Thrombophlebitis
  • Blood Vessel Clotting

Outpatient Vein Treatments in NY and NJ

There are many different ways that vein issues can be treated, depending on the patient's exact vein condition and goals. Here are some of the treatments we have to offer:

RFA for Varicose Veins

Radiofrequency ablation or RFA is one of the latest treatments for vein conditions. It uses radiofrequency technology to improve and repair varicose veins by using heat to damage and scar the tissue and trigger your body’s natural healing response. This treatment is minimally invasive and non-surgical, with minimal discomfort for the patient and almost zero downtime.

    RFA for Varicose Veins

    Venous Compression Therapy

    Compression therapy utilizes special compression socks or compression stockings to reduce swelling, fatigue, itching, achiness, and improve overall blood flow in the leg. This is usually paired with other minimally invasive procedures to get the most out of a patient’s results.

      Venous Compression Therapy


      VenaSeal is an FDA-approved “vein glue” or medical adhesive which closes damaged veins after being injected directly into the targeted vein. Your blood flow is then re-routed to other veins. This closed vein eventually fades, along with the other symptoms caused by it.



        One of the most common and successful treatments for varicose veins and spider veins, sclerotherapy involves the injection of a salt solution in the damaged blood vessel. This solution irritates the vein, causing it to close and become reabsorbed into the rest of the body. Blood is redirected elsewhere and the spider vein or varicose vein disappears.


          Conditions We Treat

          At the Vein Center, we understand that there are a number of vein-related issues our patients might experience, and we're ready to help you immediately with your condition. Look below to see some of the most common health issues we regularly treat:

          Chronic Venous Insufficiency

          Vein insufficiency occurs for a number of reasons for patients: aging, weight gain, injuries, hormonal imbalance, and more. Your veins, arteries, and valves are parts of your cardiovascular system responsible for pumping blood throughout your body. Arteries pump blood towards other body parts, while your veins pump your blood back to the heart. Movement in both types of blood vessels are possible thanks to valves that can pump blood towards and from the heart. 

            Chronic Venous Insufficiency Treatments

            Leg Ulcer

            Leg ulcers are sores or wounds that can be caused by a number of reasons, with varicose veins being one of them. While not all leg ulcers are painful, patients that experience this condition may notice that sores don’t heal as quickly as other types of wounds. If left untreated, these sores can develop an infection over time or several other conditions.

              Leg Ulcer Treatments


              Phlebitis occurs when a vein experiences inflammation and swells because of the blood clotting within it because of damaged vein walls. This is a superficial form of thrombophlebitis, a condition where blood clots block a vein. Although this is most commonly found on legs (where varicose veins are most likely to form), they can develop anywhere, more frequently in your arms, penis, or breast area. 

                Phlebitis Treatments

                Spider Vein

                Vein Center Doctor is home to vein specialists and doctors that can treat unsightly veins, as well as the symptoms and side effects caused by vein conditions. We are New Jersey and New York’s most trusted vein clinic and provide results that can erase those unsightly lines and make way for flawless skin. 

                  Spider Vein Treatments

                  Varicose Vein

                  Varicose veins are enlarged and overfilled veins that are visible through your skin. Similar to spider veins, they can appear to be blue, purple, or red lines that resemble branches or webs. They typically appear on your lower legs, but they can also appear on your face and other areas of your body. 

                    Varicose Vein Treatments

                    Your First Step To Being Vein Pain Free

                    Find exactly what you need to get rid of your vein-related problems. Dr. Sood and the rest of our team at Vein Center Doctor are ready to help: schedule your free consultation today.

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                    Meet Dr. Rahul Sood, Your Vein Doctor

                    Dr. Rahul Sood is the primary vein expert leading Vein Center Doctor. Dr. Sood is a triple board-certified physician most sought after for his comprehensive cosmetic vein treatments and symptom management care. His decades’ worth of experience translates in amazing results, whether it’s small spider veins or bulging, painful varicose veins.
                    Dr. Sood’s passion for healthcare extends beyond his practice as a vein specialist. He completed his anesthesiology residency at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and is continuously serving academic communities through presentations and lectures.

                    Together with Dr. Sood, our approach to patient care is simple and straightforward. By focusing on individualized, compassionate care, we help our patients understand the underlying cause of their venous conditions and match them with treatments that work best for their condition and budget.

                    We prioritize helping patients alleviate their discomfort or symptoms and become healthier with our diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment consultation. Dr. Sood believes in empowering patients through choice and accessibility, uplifting them with top-of-the-line treatment methods for venous and blood vessel-related conditions.

                    Schedule a complimentary consultation with New York and New Jersey’s most sought-after vein doctor. Get in touch with our staff today to start your journey to skin recovery.

                    Meet Our Team

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                    Anesthesiologist &
                    Pain Management

                    Sumeet Arora, D.O.
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                    Pain Management

                    Anjali Patel, D.O.
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                    Roy Liu, M.D.
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                    What Our patients Say About Us

                    Dr. Sood is a compassionate and empathic clinician who truly understands the concerns of his patients. He is impressively knowledgable about pain management and is wonderfully patient about taking his time to explain the source of the pain and treatment options. I have been a patient of Dr.Sood's for a few years and love everyone in his office. I highly recommend Dr.Sood.

                    MARCE M.

                    Most professional office i been to . Very friendly , helpful staff. Dr. Sood is caring , wise , and has helped me through a very difficult time when the pain was most overwhelming. He also has the best office manager, she is professional , caring , and does her job and beyond that to make each patient feel comfortable. Overall , best experience i had in any office.

                    STEPHANIE A.

                    I am very pleased with all my visits with Dr. Sood. He is a very caring and compassionate doctor and easy to talk to. He is also trustworthy. His office staff is very nice and professional. I have recommended him to a couple of my friends. Keep doing a phenomenal job.

                    VALERIE J.

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