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Spider vein treatments are the bane of aging patients. Spider veins are small patches of blood vessels that appear on the skin. These blockages often appear on the legs or face, and take their name from having an interesting spider web-like pattern. Unlike varicose veins, spider veins don’t bulge out of the skin; they’re flat and typically appear individually instead of in clumps.

Urban myths often paint spider veins, varicose veins, and similar vascular conditions as a precursor for heart disease. In reality, these veins can’t indicate your heart health. They only indicate whether you have clotted blood vessels underneath your skin.

Are Spider Veins DANGEROUS?

Although spider veins are often treated for cosmetic purposes, it’s worth removing them for a variety of reasons. Patients often feel self-conscious having varicose veins and and similar vein conditions on their skin. While it poses no urgent harm, spider veins may sometimes cause dull discomfort or even a burning sensation on the skin.

Some patients experience no symptoms apart from the physical manifestation of the swelling of the blood vessel, while others may experience more palpable symptoms. Symptoms like heaviness on the legs, pain, and chronic discomfort are just some reasons why spider veins require treatment from vein physicians and specialists.


  • Pregnancy
  • Medication
  • Weight Gain
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Trauma
  • Age
  • Hormonal Imbalance

Find The Cause Of Your 

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Vein Center Doctor is a holistic vein care facility. We provide vein treatments that are both for cosmetic and functionality purposes. Our team of physicians and experts is led by Dr. Rahul Sood. He has performed thousands of vein treatments over the years, with results ranging from cosmetic removal to chronic pain management.

Consider visiting a vein specialist if you’re experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Cramping and swelling of the legs
  • Progression from spider veins to varicose veins
  • Heaviness of the legs


Vein Center Doctor has assisted countless patients with their spider veins and other vein conditions. Our team of expert and trained vein specialists and medical professionals can help you with your spider veins, making your spider veins disappear and diagnosing any other existing vein conditions.

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Our emphasis on patient satisfaction and comfort means we work with you from start to finish, every step of the way. We understand the pain that comes with unhealthy veins, and work tirelessly as a team at Vein Center Doctor to help patients recover both mentally and physically. We make your vein issues a thing of the past.

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To offer our services to as many patients as possible, Vein Center Doctor is happy to announce that we accept most major insurance plans in the country. Some of our insurance providers include Magnacare, Anthem, BlueCross, Cigna, QualCare, and more. If your insurance provider hasn’t been listed, please contact our team and office immediately.

Quick Procedures, No Downtime

Many patients are wary of treating seemingly “small issues” like vein conditions because they worry it might be too much of an investment, in both cost and time. Vein Center Doctor offers multiple treatments for vein conditions that last only a few minutes, with little to no major recovery time required.


Do spider veins go away on their own?

While it is possible for spider veins to eventually fade away without any outside intervention, this very rarely occurs. For most cases, individuals who develop spider veins need to have them treated by a medical professional for true permanent removal. Weight loss can relieve some pressure on the spider veins and regular exercise can reduce any swelling, but medical intervention is required to treat them.

Are spider veins just a cosmetic issue?

Many patients ask if spider veins are anything more than a cosmetic issue. In most cases, spider veins are no more than a cosmetic problem, caused by factors like weight gain, sun exposure, aging, and genetics. But in some cases spider veins with its symptoms of swelling and cramping can be an indicator of another condition known as chronic venous insufficiency or CVI. Chronic venous insufficiency is caused by inefficient veins, in which the tissues aren’t getting the necessary oxygen and nutrients due to unhealthy veins.

How are spider veins treated?

A common way to treat spider veins is with sclerotherapy. As spider veins are significantly smaller and more superficial than varicose veins, sclerotherapy is usually enough to treat spider veins successfully. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a special solution straight into the spider veins. This solution irritates the vein walls, leading to the spider vein to collapse into itself and stopping any blood flow. The blood flow is naturally redirected to healthier veins, eliminating the spider vein appearance in the damaged veins.