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Spider Vein & Varicose Veins: 

One of the most common questions our patients ask us at Vein Center Doctor is whether spider veins and varicose veins are the same condition. Swollen blood vessels are associated with both conditions, but does that mean they’re the same thing?

While both vein conditions have similar root issues -- inefficient blood vessel valves preventing blood from moving properly through the vein -- they are mostly different in their appearance. Varicose veins are swollen and raised on the skin, with blood vessels twisting underneath the skin.

Spider vein blood vessels are smaller than varicose vein blood vessels, and appear in colors of blue, purple, and red. While spider veins cause little to no pain, varicose veins can be quite painful.

Common Causes of SPIDER VEINS

  • Weight Gain
  • Stress
  • Pregnancy
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Trauma

Holistic Vein Care: 

Stop living with your spider vein condition. Have them treated as soon as possible by our trusted and experienced vein specialists at Vein Center Doctor. Our quick injection minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure in the affected area means procedure and recovery time are quicker than ever.

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At Vein Center Doctor, our specialists treat a variety of cosmetic and medical vein conditions for holistic health management. But when should a person visit our specialists at Vein Center Doctor to check for the possibility of spider vein development, or to finally treat an existing spider vein condition? Keep eyes open for possible spider vein symptoms.

Some symptoms of spider veins include:

  • Swollen legs and/or ankles
  • Fatigue of the legs
  • A burning, itching, or throbbing sensation around the legs
  • Muscle cramps in the legs


Get rid of varicose veins for good with Vein Center Doctor. Our staff is composed of vein specialists experienced in dealing with vascular conditions. Our clinic is led by world-renowned vein cosmetic expert Dr. Rahul Sood. Together, we create individualized treatment plans involving pain-free procedures such as laser therapy that target unruly veins at the cosmetic and functional level. Schedule a consultation with us to reclaim your skin and start your journey to vein-free, pain-free skin.

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Why Choose US

Complete, Compassionate Care

Our priority is to make sure patients are comfortable from diagnosis to treatment. Our treatment packages are designed to help patients recover mentally and physically. We work tirelessly to give you the confidence to own your skin and be free from spider veins altogether. We do everything from cosmetic treatments to more functional therapy.

Insurance Coverage

At Vein Center Doctor, our staff’s goal is to make top-level vein care accessible. We accept most major insurance plans, including Magnacare, Anthem, BlueCross, Cigna, and Qualcare. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our staff for more information on partnered insurance providers.

Quick Procedures, No Downtime

Our clinic offers several treatment options for all kinds of spider vein problems. Our treatment options include non-invasive to minimally-invasive procedures that can be done on the same day, with little to no recovery time required.


What are the different ways to treat spider veins?

Spider veins are clotted blood vessels. Because they form underneath the skin, patients often need treatment options that can repair the blood vessels from under the skin. Minimally-invasive treatments such as radiofrequency therapy and laser therapy are two popular ways to treat spider veins. Injection-based treatments like sclerotherapy are also viable methods of dealing with a vascular problem.

What causes spider veins on the skin?

Spider vein is a condition with no definitive cause. Vein specialists suggest that it can be caused by trauma to the skin, obesity, or fluctuations in hormone levels as in pregnancy. Patients with family members who have spider veins and pregnant women are at a high risk of developing spider veins and similar vascular conditions.

How do you prevent spider veins from appearing on your skin?

The underlying cause for this vascular condition is ineffective blood flow. Regular exercise, on top of maintaining a healthy weight, are both great ways to ensure your leg or face doesn’t develop spider veins.