When To Take Your Child to the Dermatologist for Facial Spider Veins

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Conditions that cause spider veins on your kid’s face are quite common and harmless to their health. When spider veins appear on kids' faces, they’re likely to have spider angioma or spider telangiectasia which can cause the appearance of blood vessels but are rarely indicators of health issues. More often than not, these conditions will disappear as they get older.

So when should you take your child to the dermatologist for facial spider veins? The only time you’ll need to take your child to the doctor is if you notice the spider veins have a severe change in color or if it continuously expands across your child's face. You can also take them to the doctor to have them removed for cosmetic reasons if you wish, but it’s not medically necessary. 

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When to Take Your Kid To The Dermatologist For Spider Veins

Most spider veins that appear on children's faces arise due to spider angioma or spider telangiectasia. While it may look worrying, especially with spider angioma causing red spots along with the veins, it will face away without treatment most of the time. The only time you’ll need to take your child to the doctor is when blood clots or there’s abnormal blood flow in the area. 

Once at the doctor, your child will most likely get a diagnosis for the previously mentioned skin conditions and can be given options on how to treat it. However, it’s rare that a typical spider vein treatment will be necessary. 

When to Treat Spider Veins in Kids

Around 50% of kids will have spider veins on their face during childhood and will slowly fade away as they get older. While some skin conditions that cause spider veins in kids may remain throughout adulthood, it’s not a cause for any health concerns or needs medical treatment. 

The only time you may want to consider treating your kids' spider veins on their face or elsewhere is if they grow to become self-conscious about them. If this is the case, your doctor can offer you different treatment options suitable for children to remove visible veins immediately.

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Possible Treatment Plans

If you choose to proceed with a cosmetic procedure to remove the spider veins on your kids’ face, there are a couple of effective treatments that you can do. Depending on the skin biopsy, your doctor may prefer to use an invasive treatment for larger veins on the skin surface of your child. Here are just some of the basic and advanced treatment options you may want to consider:

1) Electrocautery

Electrocautery can be used as a spider vein treatment for kids wherein they essentially burn off blood vessels causing the visible skin issue on your child's face. By burning off the blood vessel, the electric needle blocks blood circulation in that area and reduces the occurrence of blood pools that cause spider veins to appear. 

2) Laser Therapy 

Laser therapy is a popular spider and varicose vein treatment that’s often used by adults but can also be used effectively for children. Laser vein treatments are minimally invasive and work to destroy the superficial veins found in your child's face. 

The heat from the laser will be targeted directly on the areas affected by spider veins, forcing them to collapse and block off any blood from passing through. With the loss of blood flow in your child's spider veins, the appearance of their blue and purple lines will disappear and fade away slowly. 

3) Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) 

Intense light therapy is a non-invasive option that may help get rid of spider veins on your kids’ face as well. Rather than only targeting superficial veins and the top layer of the skin, IPL can also target deeper veins that may be causing skin discoloration and spider veins. 

The procedure used light to damage the spider veins and render them useless for blood circulation. Over time, these dead veins will be absorbed into the body and will no longer be noticeable on the face. 

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How To Manage Spider Veins Without Treatment

If you prefer to not have any medical treatment done to your child, there are ways to manage the appearance of spider veins especially if they’re not naturally fading as fast as you would hope. With spider veins appearing due to a faulty vein, the most important thing is to keep veins healthy and away from possible damage. 

To do this, it might be a good idea to apply sunscreen to your kids’ face and tell them to stay away from areas with excessive heat. The UV rays and excessive heat from the sun can specifically penetrate the different layers of the skin and cause vein damage. While it may not remove pre-existing spider veins, it will help keep any more veins from forming while the others naturally fade. 

Treat Your Kids’ Spider Veins at Vein Center Doctor 

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That’s why our team of vein experts offer both invasive and non-invasive vein treatments to ensure that you’re getting the right treatment. Contact us today to book a consultation or appointment.

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